Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Losing Weight Requires Honesty

I haven't been posting because honestly, I have nothing to report. Everything has been at a dead stop for weeks now. No weight loss, some weight gain, and it's just been frustrating. I hate posting things that are negative, so I haven't been posting at all. It's time I just sit down and examine how things have gone wrong.

First, I haven't been doing my cardio like I should. I always do weight lifting, and almost always skip the cardio, which is absolutely vital to losing weight. Cardio sucks. I hate it so much. The days I do actually get it done, I stare at the track for half an hour trying to get myself to stand up and walk because I hate it. Girls probably think I'm staring at them walking on the treadmill being creepy. Nope. Just thinking about how much I'll totally hate the next 30-45 minutes.

Second, is the diet. Which I have been seriously slacking on. I was snacking at night, staying up late and eating delicious salty carbs before I went to bed. Altogether, an easy formula to keep a plateau going.

To remedy the diet part, I've been tweeting my food log. You can follow it at #bbfoodlog. Please do not USE the hashtag. I need it to sort out my calories at the end of the day.

For the cardio, I guess I'm just going to have to suck it up and get it done. I'll need to figure out how to train a new mindset so that I can at least try and enjoy it as much as I enjoy weight lifting, and I need to commit to it every day.

Speaking of commitments, I'm also going to start writing here at least two times a week. I know all of you who read this blog want to know what's going on, and it's been unfair that I haven't been keeping you in the loop. I promise to change that. As a negative reinforcement, If I don't make at least two posts per week, I will film myself singing karaoke and then post that. If I forget this promise, please remind me.

The big thing I'm learning about this journey is that it is mostly an internal battle more than an external one. You constantly have to examine yourself, be honest and then fix whatever might be wrong. That is hard for anybody to do. It's no wonder that so many people, including myself, struggle with losing weight.


  1. Hi Bobby
    I think you should not be so hard on your self. If you love the weights, just keep doing that for now. If 30 mins seems too long for cardio, just do 5 minutes. Build it up slowly from there. For the food, pick a goal like aiming for 2000 or 2500 cals per day and try that for a few weeks.
    Good luck

  2. As long as you are continuing to reflect on your habits, and re-committing to yourself you're on the right path! Keep it up. Have you thought of some different cardio options? Wally loves biking (which is good once it gets warmer!) I'd like to do yoga (but like you my yoga dvd goes un-watched). Keep trying; we're rooting for you!

  3. When I'm on the treadmill and I'm thinking, "Why am I doing this? It hurts and I don't like it" I stop and remember that I'm going to Hawaii in September and I want to be able to run my first half marathon.

    Maybe set a goal for yourself far enough away that you can train for it, but not so far out that you lose interest.

    You'll figure it out. Just gotta keep chasin' that carrot.

  4. It's the being frank and honest with yourself, plus the self examination and refocusing that's gonna get you to your goal. And I see all of that right here in this post. Now go kick booty!! ;)

  5. Keep posting! I'd really like to know how your journey has been since this seems like you were struggling but really looking at your routines and choices so that you can make a change!
    Oh, and you now owe your readers a karaoke video... ;)

  6. Just came across your blog ... I hope you're still doing well and have had success staying -or more importantly - getting back on track! :)
    I wanted to share that I'm a personal trainer and I also HATE cardio!! :D That doesn't mean I ignore it BUT it takes a lot to get me to go. The thing I found that help the most was a cardio buddy. She's become 1 of my closest friends and now I enjoy cardio. Don't know if there's someone in your area to connect up with or maybe the buddy system isn't for you. But I can only encourage you to fine ONE thing that makes cardio suck less (new music on the iPod, breaking it down into smaller chunks of time, maybe finding a different type of exercise) but whatever it is for you, allow yourself the opportunity to improve your cardio experience. Hopefully that will help your overall goal in the long run.
    Best of luck ... I'll be thinking about you the next time I drag my @$$ to the pool for cardio. :D

  7. Hey man. I just stated following you on twitter (follow me @ndgl10e). I want to encourage you. I was 358 pounds, got down to 222, then started slacking off and crept back up to 357 (had a few ups and downs between then). I recently started a campaign that I call "tweet what you eat". Every meal, every snack, I tweet it like #whatiate dinner turkey chili good choice" . Mine automatically links to my blog,, so that I know at least 1 person is seeing every post. It's a way of being held accountable and it only takes a second. Try it man, follow me, let's help each other. My goal is 200, right now I'm 253.1. I know that I can do it, and I know that you can too.