Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 5! WEIGH DAY and Week In Review.

I went to the gym earlier than usual today because it closes at 8PM on Fridays. Tomorrow, it's only open until 12PM. I am very surprised at how quickly I'm progressing in my strength training. On Monday, I had to stop twice in the middle of my second set of reps on most of the machines. This time, I only stopped once on one of them!

When I got weighed, I had to decide whether to take it as good or bad news today. As I was standing in front of the special scale that's used to weigh me, I was nervous, and was fully expecting to be breaking the 600 mark. I have never been that large, but I was not feeling optimistic at all.  My personal trainer, Johnny, logged into the computer. I kept telling myself, "The truth is better than ignorance." I was totally freaked out! Finally, Johnny said, "Step up!"

"Yeah, you're up. You were 561 the last time you weighed in (many months ago). You're at 573."

 Well, on the positive side, I am NOT 600 pounds. Also, I'm down eight pounds from what I weighed at the Biggest Loser taping in OKC! So, I've technically LOST weight. I'm no longer 580 pounds, and that's good news. It sucks that I'm up 12 pounds from May, but I choose to take the positive perspective on today's weigh in.

This past week, I think the big lesson that I need to put into action is planning ahead. I only have the gym for three more weeks before Christmas break. There will be days when getting to the gym will be impossible because of the weather. I need to have backup exercises. I need to plan my meals because if I don't, I will eat late at night, or just choose to eat the processed crap that my parents buy regularly rather than make my own healthy meals.

When I started this blog, my friend Julia suggested that I call it 'Becoming Batman.' He's my favorite super hero. As much as I love Batman, I chose 'Boundless' because to me, it means breaking free of my limitations. Most of them are self imposed. My weight has kept me from going out and having fun and socializing. It's kept me from getting my driver's license and finishing my education. It's kept me out of clothes. I remember when the first season of Biggest Loser came out. Nobody on the show was as fat as I was at the time. I think I was around 400. I told myself they wouldn't pick me because I was obviously too fat. My weight has kept me waiting in a constant state of, "Not until..." That ended the day I chose to take this blog seriously.

My weight as of today was 573. I set my goal for next week at 562!

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  1. I agree with choosing boundless. It's what keeps most of us from reaching our goals. Once we escape that and break free it is amazing what one can accomplish. It sounds like you are on the right path and can see the bigger picture. I wish you well on your journey and hope you become completely boundless.

    Charlotte E.