Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thank You Mystery Guest! Last Night's Episode! My Workout!

Thanks to the one person who showed up yesterday to my little live blogging experiment. I apologize for not posting your comment. I was still trying to get a handle on the controls. Next week is indeed the finale, and I will try and organize it better so that more people arrive. I think I'll have fewer twitter hashtags as well.

Here are a couple of thoughts I had during last night's episode:

Last night's episode was a lot of fun. I may be wrong, as I am NOT a running enthusiast, but it seems that the 'Biggest Loser marathon episode' is controversial among those who are enthusiastic about running. I understand the objection to running a marathon after only three or four months of intense training. But keep in mind that three or four months ago, these people were obese. They very likely still have the huge hip and thigh musculature of a fat person. They need those large hip and thigh muscles to carry all the extra weight they're carrying up top. I know because this is how I am currently built. When that extra body fat is taken away, this muscle can be used more for endurance purposes rather than strength.

Someone else on twitter last night asked why they trained on treadmills. I think I may have an answer to that. If you have never seen a professional HD camera, let me find a picture...

That was the best I could find on Google Images. The ones I've seen are like this, but more so. They are huge, heavy cameras. I would almost bet that during the marathon part of the episode, they have very special rigs set up to handle or wheel these cameras so that they can remain steady while the operator films the action. Also, the route is planned out and blocked off so that there are no surprises for the camera man while he's going backwards filming the forward coming action. In short, it's probably just easier to get a running shot when the running is done on a treadmill.

Anyway! Last night's episode was great, and if you WERE following me last night, then it's no surprise that I'm endorsing Ada for the final three. Please vote for her!

I'm not sayingElizabeth doesn't belong there. She was receiving a LOT of hate last night, and I was pretty upset by it. Anybody who makes it that far deserves to be there. I think a lot of people don't understand what it's like to live life not believing in yourself. I think Elizabeth had a lot of self doubt and limiting beliefs holding her back. I'm really glad she finished the marathon. I hope she looks like a stone cold fox at the finale. She already has a killer smile.

Yesterday's workout felt really good. I went in early so I wouldn't miss Glee or the Biggest Loser. I spent my usual two hours lifting weights and did fifteen minute intervals on the treadmill. This week, I'm switching things up a bit by doing my jogging before my weight lift. I'm hoping this little switch keeps things interesting for my body and the weight loss continues. As of this morning, my hips were unusually sore, and I still feel some slight aches in my biceps. It feels good. I'm trying to stay positive, but I was filled with a lot of self doubt this morning for some reason. Yesterday, I raised the weight level on a few of my exercises. I should feel good, but I'm getting more worried the closer I get to Friday. I have to remember that the goal I set for myself is doable, but also very hard to accomplish, and that the reason I set it so high is to push myself to try as hard as I can. Assuming I lose weight this week, I'm going to be happy with whatever the scale tells me.

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  1. It sounds like you're doing well with the working out; don't let the doubt creep in! Man, I stopped watching BL like, in the 4th season because of the drama, but I think I'm going to have to start watching again.